Mother Vanessa Bogdan Foundation School, Pillar of Fire Apostolic Church, Peace Island

Front of School

Vanessa visiting the school in October 2008

Inside school

School Children

Stacy Gjerstad, Kylee and Vanessa with the school children

Child from the school

School children

I want to introduce you to a school that Spirit Liberia is working with. This church named their school in honor of me. This is a first for me, but I am humbled and honored that they would do this. Spirit Liberia is sponsoring the agricultural project of this church. They are in great need and it is one of the poorest churches/schools we have seen in Liberia. The Pastor, Pastor Prince Zeaway, is a wonderful godly man. We are so happy that the Lord has brought this man and his ministry into our lives, and that God has allowed us to be a blessing and a help to them in their time of need. We would love to be able to send a barrel of school supplies to help the success of the school program they are running. The children have very little in terms of books, supplies, etc. Greg and I both were able to attend a program at this little school and the children have already learned a great deal. There was lengthy scripture memorization along with songs, nursery rhymes etc. We were quite impressed. This school needs help in a big way. If anyone feels led to send supplies we will gladly accept them. We hope to send a barrel of books, crayons, pencils, pencil sharpener, paper, notebooks, rulers, etc. before the end of the year. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Any contributions toward shipping would also be welcomed. Most importantly, please keep these precious people in your prayers as they dedicate their lives and the little they have to helping the children in their community. Pastor Prince is married and has 3 children with a new baby on the way in a few months.

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