So, we have been anxiously looking for a place that we can rent for our office and missionary housing in Liberia. We have found the PERFECT place! This will save us tons of money on lodging during our trips to Liberia and we desperately need an office space for our guys on ground over there to work from. Our long term plan will be to buy land and build our own facility, but for the next year or so we will need to rent. If any of you can help meet this need, we need to pay for 1 years rent by next week. The total need including rental fee, adding razor wire to the top of the wall (for security), and a generator to meet our electrical needs is $14,500. The urgency of our request is that until we can pay the 1 year rent we could lose the house to someone else. Please lift this need up in prayer and if possible financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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