Photo Gallery for Pastor Richards

Pastor Joseph Richards
Field Coordinator
Spirit Liberia

Pastor and his beautiful wife Musu

Pastor Richards meeting with a church in Nimba County.

Pastor's wife, Musu.

Pastor smiling for the camera during a group dinner at The Golden Beach, a restaurant in Monrovia.

Pastor Richards going beyond the call of duty and helping me try to get my 9 month old son to "pee in a cup" for his Visa medical exam at ELWA hospital. This is a DEDICATED employee!

Pastor waiting to begin the day in the lobby of The Cape Hotel, Mamba
Point. He is sporting his new Spirit Liberia employee ID tag!

Pastors family: Left to Right
Charlotte, their "spiritual daughter", Rochelle, their daughter, Musu, Rufus their son, and Edith their adopted daughter. I am not sure where Rueben was off to!

Vanessa, Kylee (my daughter who was in Liberia with me), Maxwell and Musu at the Market in Waterside. Thanks for taking us shopping Musu!
We love you!

Kylee, Edith and Rufus near the beach.

Pastor Richards helping dig the car out of the mud. We were stuck here in Margibi for 3 hours!

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