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This post will be dedicated to getting you up close and personal with Pastor Joseph Richards, Field Coordinator, Spirit Liberia. Pastor Richards is a dear friend, and a highly respected and honored employee. Pastor Richards has a true heart for ministry. He oversees the application process for our sponsored churches, conducts the initial interview, and does general relationship building. Pastor Richards is humble and willing to perform any task at hand. He too, will willingly push the car, help with baby care, and is always available for anyone requesting prayer. I remember one evening when I was in Liberia and Mark, who you will meet next, was appealing to Pastor to leave his phone with us for charging overnight. Pastor could not agree to this. He was very concerned that he needed his phone so that he could be available to anyone who might call him in need of prayer throughout the night. He regularly is praying with people throughout the night by phone or in person. So, after all was said and done, Mark gave Pastor his own phone and exchanged the SIM card with Pastor's so that he could go home and be available for prayer needs.

Pastor Richards has been a pastor "on staff" at churches in Liberia, but is now in the process of planting a new church in the Rock Hill community. Please lift him up in prayer as he follows God's leading in this area.
Thank you for your beautiful heart and your love for God, Pastor. You are a true "Man of God". You are a blessing to all who know you. We are honored to have you on staff working with us.

Pastor Richards is married to his beautiful wife, Musu. Together they have 4 children and 1 adopted child. Their children are Edith (adopted), Rochelle, Rueben, and Rufus.

Check out Pastor's photo gallery below!

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Donna Barber said...

I have met Pst Richard and his wife-Musa and they are exactly how you have stated. It is so nice to meet kind hearted and dedicated Liberians who are passionate about their people and do care for them.