Back in Liberia

I know that it has been too long since I posted! Sorry! I have not been to the internet much. I have safely landed in Liberia and it has been an amazing and wonderful trip so far. The house is GREAT! I don’t think I could be happier with it. It is very “African” but it is in wonderful condition and much bigger than I expected. I have seen a giant flying cockroach and had multiple encounters with a little mouse so far. That is not to even mention the various gigantic spiders and the lizards running all around! There is so much to still fit into my schedule. I am sure I will not accomplish everything I need to, but that’s okay. Life will go on either way J I have been able to meet with 2 churches that we are working with and it was wonderful! I will post on each of those visits individually with pictures.

I miss all my babies and Greg. This trip is bittersweet in many ways. We want to be here full time so much, and I am incredibly grateful to be back. On the other hand we are not exactly sure when we will all be over here full time. Please keep this transition in your prayers with us. We have had a lot of changes happen lately with our finances (due to the economy of course!) so we sort of feel like things have turned upside down. We know God is in control, we are ready and now wait on His timing in filling in the missing pieces.

It has been so awesome being back with our sweet staff again. We are really like a family. We have a great time together and all just want to fulfill God’s purpose here. We are truly blessed!

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