My Turn!

So I was told that I MUST do a blog this weekend. As you all know if you read the last blog, Vanessa headed to Liberia Saturday morning. I spoke with her today and she made it fine. So it is MY TURN to do a quick update. I am not used to doing these blogs so please forgive me if I am not following correct "blogging" protocol!

I will tell you that most people must think I am crazy keeping our ten children at home while Vanessa goes to Liberia. But I really enjoy it. My kids are so wonderful and I am so proud of each of them.

Of course I can say without a doubt that the house runs more smoothly when Vanessa is here, but we are all so happy that she can spend some time in Liberia, especially after seeing the last picture of the office. She really sees our guys in Liberia as part of our family and she has missed them so much since she was out there a few months ago.

I was so excited when I saw this picture. The new office sign is so beautiful and really looks great. I still have not been there to see it and am quite jealous that she gets to spend a few weeks in the house before I even get to see it. Vanessa will be working to get the office/missionary home set-up and "livable". We will be having our first missionary group stay there right when Vanessa is leaving and it is such a blessing to be able to have it available for them.

The Lord is good! God has really been working in our families lives the last few weeks teaching us to trust completely in Him. Sometimes this is easier said than done. When life is perfect, easy, and pleasurable, it is so easy to believe you are following God and in His will. But sometimes this is not the case. Sometimes God is waiting to groom us, and He needs us in a place He can mold us from. These trials are not easy. These trials sometimes can make us feel as though God has left us, when in reality He is right next to us watching after us, protecting us, and teaching us.
One thing spending time in Liberia has taught us is the joy that God can give His people as they go through trials. It is amazing to see their joy of these people as they struggle in ways we could barely comprehend. There is something so precious to understanding that as we hurt, God hurts. But God does not stress the way we stress. He does not get anxious about anything and He calls us to do the same. I am working to understand that at a deeper level than I ever have in my life. And even though I would never choose to go through some of the trials God is taking us through right now, I can say that I know He is in control and loves us the same today as he did yesterday, and the same as he will tomorrow!
Please keep Vanessa in your prayers as she is in Liberia the next few weeks!
In Christ,

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Donna Barber said...

Awesome! it looks great- nice to see a little progress in this area huh!
It will be great to hear more about Vanessa's travels. db