Spirit Liberia Announces Shipment to Liberia, West Africa

Humanitarian Aid Shipment to Liberia
Phoenix, AZ - March 20, 2009 - In May 2009, Spirit Liberia will be making their first shipment of humanitarian aid and ministry equipment to Liberia. In an arrangement with Firestone Natural Rubber Company, Spirit Liberia will be able to ship a 20' container on the Harbel Cutlass vessel.

Spirit Liberia is very excited about this opportunity. It is an opportunity to bring much needed help to the people of Liberia. It is such a blessing to have Firestone supply the means of shipping - which they have agreed to do as part of their donation cargo program making it free of charge (minus port charges) to Spirit Liberia. This is an incredible savings and wonderful opportunity for us.

The container needs to be delivered to the Port of Lake Charles in Louisiana no later than May 1, 2009. Spirit Liberia is on a tight schedule to complete all of the necessary paperwork, purchase a container, load the container, find a shipping company to get the container to Louisiana, and complete all of the necessary steps to see the shipment to port.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to see the poor and deprived in Liberia receive aid that is so desperately needed. There are several ways you can take part in this project:
1. Financial Support
2. Donation Items
3. Prayer Support

Financial Support -
We need your support to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that is before us. We only have about one week to find and purchase a container. This container will cost approximately $2,500 delivered. We need everyone that is willing to do something! Gifts of $25, $50, or more are so desperately needed to see us get to our goal on this project.
The total cost to get the container to port is approximately $4,000 and the entire amount must be raised no later than April 10, 2009. We ask you to please forward this e-mail to your friends, family, and anyone you feel would be willing to help.
Donation Items -
We need to pack this container as full as possible. For those of you who do not know how big a 20' container is, it is 20'x8'x8'. This is huge! We need to fill every square inch with aid and supplies. For a complete list of items we need,
click here.
Prayer Support -
We also ask for your prayers that we would be able to see this project through to completion. So many times we run into great difficulty getting all of the pieces together to see things achieved. We ask for your prayers and commitment to this project in any way you can. Your efforts will not be in vain!
There are two ways to give. You can give by check, payable to
Spirit Liberia and sent to:
Spirit Liberia
2219 W. Melinda Lane, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Or, you can pay online with Paypal

Your gift will be used to help bring much needed ministry materials, equipment, and humanitarian supplies to our team in Liberia.
Liberia is a country in desperate need of help, hope, and love. Spirit Liberia's mission is to revive the heart and soul of Liberia. With your gift today, you will be showing the love of Christ to these special people and bringing hope for the future.
Spirit Liberia is a 501c3 Christian Humanitarian organization. All gifts are tax deductible as approved by law

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