Visit with Andrew

One of the privileges that I have had while I am here in Liberia was meeting Andrew Tyler, with Orphan Relief and Rescue. We have heard many wonderful things about him and have been excited about meeting him and seeing what they are doing here in Liberia. They work with orphanages that are generally unlicensed and locally run without help from larger organizations. In talking with him it seems that we are almost like twin organizations only we are working with local grassroots churches and Orphan Relief is working with orphanages. It was awesome to talk with him about what they are doing and have experienced here in Liberia and to be able to compare notes/observations etc. I was able to go and visit 2 of the orphanages that they are working with. It was wonderful! This was a very encouraging day. We really look forward to building a relationship with Andrew and Orphan Relief and Rescue and supporting and encouraging one another as we follow God’s call here in Liberia. Thanks Andrew and Denise for taking the time to show me some of your work! Please remember Orphan Relief and Rescue in your prayers and if possible in financial support. They are doing a wonderful work with a most desperate population here in Liberia. Their hearts truly are for God and the children!

I will post pictures next week when I am back home. The internet service is too slow to put them up now!


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Donna Barber said...

Yes and awesome organization. Andrew really does have a great heart and it is evident in his hospitality towards others.